Ochrana majetku


These types of properties or short term actions are realized with the help of selective personel.

The above mentioned properties require special tretment due to the presence of VIP clients, higher risks and needs of professional spirit from the security guards.

From our guards we require knowledge of moral and ethic norms for different ethnicity and nationalities and knowledge of differences between verbal and non verbal communication, social manners and etc.

We understand that our client will be ranked by other people also by the looks and standarts of our guards therefore for these types of services we specially pick and train our guards. The ones that pass the selection procedure are trained on a long term basis.
These guards are also prepared for the below mentioned areas:

  • verbal and non verbal communication
  • moral and ethic rules
  • basis of psychology
  • hotel and congress areas - differences against normal properties
  • human behaviour aganist personnel, clients
  • electronic safety and security systems
  • event evidence and report elaboration
  • risk factors of mentioned properties
  • preventive steps and control mechanisms
  • fire safety and its prevention
  • evacuative actions
  • co operation with security units already guarding premises
  • hotel detective actions
  • and other extra services needed, due to extra specific wishes of client

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